The Nodum Corporate group Blog: Investments and residency in Andorra

Welcome to our blog! A platform that offers you a comprehensive experience, guiding you both in the search for investment opportunities and in exploring the keys to establishing your residence in Andorra. Join us on this journey where financial wealth and personal wellbeing converge, providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to make decisions and achieve your milestones.


Find all the information you need to reside in Andorra

In Living Andorra you will find everything you need to simplify the task of moving from your country of residence to Andorra, as well as relevant information for you to know more and better the Principality.


Find out all the keys to invest in Andorra

Invest Andorra is presented as a key tool for translating your financial decisions into significant results. You will discover the essential investment keys, focusing on one of the most attractive destinations in the world: Andorra.

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