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Make moving easy. We are here to guide you through every step of the process. Our expertise in administrative management and knowledge of the market enable us to find the best solutions for you to enter Andorra and leave your country of origin.


Active Residence


Passive Residence


Passive Residence

More and more people want to move to Andorra, attracted by its exceptional quality of life and security that is hard to find these days, together with taxation that is clearly prized within Europe.

This country offers a rich natural environment and a great variety of sports and cultural activities, making it the destination of choice for nature lovers who seek an unspoilt lifestyle.

Discover the advantages of residing in Andorra, the solution of choice for those who have decided to prioritise their quality of life while protecting and growing their family wealth. To obtain a residence permit in Andorra, you have two options: “active” residence and “passive” residence. For each type, there are several options, notably passive residence without gainful activity for the happily retired; passive residence for investors; residence for personalities (in the fields of science, culture or sports); residence for professionals with international business; residence permit to enter elderly care or treatment centres, and residence through family reunification.

Our service for obtaining residence in Andorra will guide you in choosing the best type of residence for your situation, so that you can join our fortunate clients who have settled in Andorra. From leaving your country of origin to settling in Andorra, Fidencis takes charge of everything, from A to Z. Our expertise and experience allow us a 100% success rate.

The benefits of residence in Andorra

✓ A dynamic capital surrounded by nature
✓ Enjoy the very attractive tax system
✓ No inheritance or donation taxes
✓ Your dividends will be tax-free
✓ Access to real estate investment in Andorra
✓ Only 10% tax on Crypto capital gains
✓ Stock market capital gains are tax-free
✓ Registration with the CASS for healthcare reimbursements
✓ 2.5 hours from Toulouse and Barcelona

Whether an S.L. or S.L.U., we guide our clients through the whole process of setting up a company in Andorra, from reserving the company name with the competent authorities to registration in the Registry of Commerce and Industry.


S.L./S.L.U. company


S.A. company



If you are looking for an advantageous tax solution, setting up a company in Andorra is one of the most interesting options in Europe. In fact, taxation on companies is capped at 10%, and is 0% on dividends. However, it is important to know that setting up a company in Andorra requires you to establish your residence status first. To find out more about this important step, read our article about the different resident statuses in Andorra.

Setting up a company in Andorra offers many interesting tax advantages for entrepreneurs. In fact, corporate tax is limited to 10%, except for capital gains on property or turnover of more than 750 million, which are taxed at 15%. Dividends are not taxed at all. Moreover, VAT (IGI) is only 4.5%, much less than the equivalents in Spain and France (TVA), which is 21%. Social security contributions are 15.5% and there is no tax on income from employment up to €24,000, while the maximum rate of tax is 10%. Lastly, the minimum share capital for a limited company (S.L.) is €3,000 and €60,000 for a joint stock company (S.A.).

Benefits of a company in Andorra

✓ 0% tax on dividends
✓ 4.5% VAT (IGI)
✓ 10% corporate tax
✓ Only 10% tax on Crypto capital gains
✓ Stock market capital gains are tax-free
✓ Registration with the CASS for healthcare reimbursements
✓ 2.5 hours from Toulouse and Barcelona

Fidencis, 100% success rate.

Your company in Andorra in 6 steps


Legal reservation of company name

Certificate valid for 6 months from the date of issue, giving the right to reserve a company name to the future signatories of the incorporation.


Investment authorisation

We advise you in the preparation of your business plan for foreign investments of more than 10% of the share capital.


Opening a bank account

We assist you in preparing your application to open a bank account and take charge of communications to speed up procedures.


Public, notarial deed

We help you to draw up and sign the public incorporation deed before a qualified Andorran notary, to ensure its legal validity.



Registration with the Registry is a crucial step; it enables the company to acquire legal personality under the law. We provide fast-track services.


Opening a business

We advise you on opening a business, which is necessary for all companies involved in commerce, industry or services.

Our team of experts and lawyers in commercial, employment, tax and company law offer their expertise in tax and accounting advice, in both an international and national context.


Legal and tax





Our tax and accounting advisory services in Andorra are provided by our team of experts and lawyers in commercial, employment, tax and company law. We propose a package of consultation hours to meet your specific requirements regarding tax. We can provide legal and tax advice and also national and international tax expertise. We can also prepare and adjust contracts for you, structure and execute corporate transactions, and prepare dossiers for notarial acts for your company in Andorra. Our tax experts can help you to navigate the Andorran tax system, understand the local tax laws and optimise your tax situation according to the law. Contact us to discuss your requirements regarding tax and accounting advice in Andorra.

Our accounting and tax expertise

✓ Legal and tax advice
✓ National tax advice
✓ International tax advice
✓ Contract preparation and adjustment
✓ Structuring and execution of corporate transactions
✓ Dossier preparation for notarial acts
✓ Highly qualified experts

KUDO INVEST ASF, SL and Fidencis are part of the NODUM CORPORATE group. A Family Office authorised, regulated and supervised by the Andorran Financial Authority (ASF-01/17) with ample experience in investment for all categories of risk profile.






Family Office

Our Financial Investment Advice service offers a personal approach that is totally transparent and independent. We identify the requirements and goals of each client and conceive a unique investment plan to protect, preserve and extract the highest return for your capital. We offer a comprehensive service which also includes inheritance planning and financial planning. Here at KUDO INVEST ASF, SL, we offer continuous advice and full access to information and analysis, constant portfolio monitoring and personalised reporting, to guarantee our clients’ peace of mind.

We can respond to all requests thank to our rich network of contacts and qualified collaborators. Besides our own experts in the commercial, tax and accounts planning, we have access to notaries, auditors, bankers, car dealers, luxury establishments, travel agencies, etc.

We can also provide assistance in preparing compliance dossiers for opening bank accounts in every establishment; assistance in all kinds of procedures and management with the public authorities; assistance in arranging insurance (life, house, car, health), and a property management service to buy, sell or rent a property, propose property investments and project management.

REAL STATUM is an innovative real estate concept within the NODUM CORPORATE group. We propose exclusive products conceived to meet our clients’ requirements and investment strategies, while protecting you from the pressure of the Andorran property market.







Our Real Estate Advice service assists you in realising your real estate plans in Andorra. Here at Real Statum, we propose exclusive products, tailored to your requirements and investment goals. We create the necessary conditions to offer you a personalised experience without the pressure of the traditional property market. Our team of experts guide you through each stage of the investment process, offering investment strategies that are adapted to your profile and your goals.

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Lawyers, accountants, experts in tax law and financial advisers, our office, which is part of the Nodum Corporate group, benefits from the Andorran Financial Authority regulation of our Family Office to advise you and supervise your relocation.

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