We explore your objectives and financial requirements

At KUDO INVEST, we analyze all the circumstances of each client, and use our assessment to design a unique investment strategy, to protect and preserve their capital and produce the highest possible return.


1. Defining the Risk Profile

Each client completes a suitability test to determine their risk profile under one of the three following classifications:

Information we obtain:

  • Financial and asset assessment.
  • Risk tolerance.
  • Target returns.
  • Time horizon.
  • Future requirements.
  • Financial experience.

2. Defining the Investment Strategy

From the compiled information, we establish an investment strategy that is either conservative, moderate or aggressive. The client profile determines the maximum exposure of the portfolio to each type of asset.

3. Portfolio Building

We adjust the exposure of portfolio assets to market conditions, according to the parameters defined by the established risk profile and investment strategy.

Identification and selection of securities: shares, debentures, bonds, investment funds, ETFs, structured products, private debt issues, etc.

4. Implementation

Verification and control of execution of the proposed and accepted investments.

Management of the positions, recommending new purchases, sales or adjustments.

5. Continuous assessment and reporting

We carry out a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the portfolio, with constant supervision and ensuring that the terms agreed with the financial institutions are fulfilled. Moreover, we update the risk profile and investment strategy annually, through a new suitability test, so that we can adapt to clients’ requirements which may change over time.